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More from Greenhouse Canada | Business | Innovations | Events October 9, 2012
CGC enjoys another great year
It was another very successful year for the Canadian Greenhouse Conference, the second in its new home in the Scotiabank Convention Centre.
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U.S. issues preliminary ruling on Mexican tomatoes
The U.S. Commerce Department indicated it may side with Florida tomato growers and squash a 16-year-old trade agreement with Mexico.
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Bevo Agro enjoys a good year
Bevo Agro Inc. sales for the year ending June 30 totalled $18,897,742, an increase of $634,039 (3.5 per cent) over last year’s sales of $18,263,703.
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Federal funding cuts to farm programs feared
Canada’s federal government has sent a clear signal to farmers across the country: our government is not prepared to shoulder much of the responsibility or risks involved with feeding Canadian food to Canadians.
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Poll: pests busier than usual this year
More than half the growers responding to our online poll say pest pressures have been greater this year than last. Weigh in with your views at
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