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More from Energy Edge | Efficiency | Renewables | Management October 5, 2012
Northern Greenhouse Study of greenhouses in Canada's north
Funding from Ag Canada to study greenhouses in Northern Canada has just been awarded. Find out how many proposals were received, and who got the contract to produce “a comprehensive background study on greenhouse production for northern/isolated communities” that includes design, technologies, management and cost/benefit analyses.
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Grow Pipes Placement Grow pipes placement
Grow pipes are becoming an increasingly popular energy optimization system for vegetable growers in Canada. Get a taste of research into how grow pipes can increase fruit yield without increasing energy consumption, but only if placed properly.
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Quebec Quebec greenhouse powered by renewables
Innoventé Inc. has announced the construction of its second ‘green energy’ plant, featuring its patented technology. Find out what feedstock will be used, how much electricity will be generated, and what size of greenhouse the facility is designed to support.
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Mixed reviews of B.C. carbon tax
Greenhouse operators in B.C. are among those who are closely watching the carbon tax in that province, which has again recently resulted in fuel hikes. Discover how several prominent Canadian and U.S.-based organizations clash regarding their opinions of the tax.
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Large Greenhouse Project in Ukraine Large greenhouse project in Ukraine
A new 30 million Euro greenhouse project in western Ukraine will be expanded to 40 hectares in coming years. Learn why this project will likely be able to access low-cost natural gas, in an era when high-priced gas is causing many Ukrainian greenhouses to close.
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