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More from Energy Edge | Efficiency | Renewables | Management September 20, 2012
Discussion of B.C.'s carbon tax
This week on Sept. 20, a panel of international experts on environmental and tax policy converged at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver to discuss the future of B.C.'s controversial carbon tax.
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Heating Experimental heating
A greenhouse in Sydney River, N.S. is using an experimental infrared heating system that the operators claim is allowing heating costs to be cut by at least 50 per cent. Find out more about this multi-year project that involves a local First Nations group.
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'Solar Decathlon' greenhouse
Discover the details of one of the 20 international projects competing at the prestigious Solar Decathlon Europe 2012 – a low-cost, self-sufficient greenhouse based on the principles of zero ecological and zero economic footprints.
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High tech at Horti Fair
Next month, cutting-edge greenhouse energy management technology will take centre stage at Horti Fair 2012, “the biggest international trade fair for technology, innovation and inspiration in horticulture.” Learn how to register, the seminar topics and much more.
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Unity Gardens Harnessing compost heat
Unearth the exciting plans of Unity Gardens, a group in Indiana, to build a greenhouse that will use heat from composting.
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