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More from Energy Edge | Efficiency | Renewables | Management September 12, 2012
Additions to trade show Additions to trade show line-up
For the first time, several CHP suppliers will be present at the Union Gas 'Greenhouse Growers Trade Show and Open House' on September 19th in Leamington, Ont. It’s the third year for the show. Find out how to attend this valuable free event, which includes lunch.
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Boiler Boiler optimization
A new Energy Edge feature story explains how to manage boiler systems for top efficiency – and how to best review the options when it’s time for upgrades.
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Geothermal Greenhouse in China Mega-sized geothermal greenhouse in China
Next month (October 2012), construction will begin on an enormous and highly efficient greenhouse in Tonghua City. Discover the details of ‘Dougan Line Greenhouse Film Vegetable Park,’ which will cover 373,222 square metres, and feature 561 greenhouses heated with renewable energy.
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Changes in U.S. economy will affect growers
With last week’s release of weak job numbers in the U.S., all eyes are the Federal Reserve's meeting this week. What is decided at this meeting will affect the energy management and financial decisions of Canadian greenhouse operators in a few ways, says an Energy Edge expert.
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Energy-wise Energy-wise expansion at Sundrop Farms
Find out about the expansion at Sundrop Farms, a unique greenhouse operation on the cutting edge of energy management in the state of South Australia.
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