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More from Energy Edge | Efficiency | Renewables | Management August 30, 2012
Sustainability Sustainability certification programs
Certification programs that closely examine energy efficiency, water use, fertilizer input, waste processing and more are increasing in number in Canada and the US – and so is the number of greenhouse operations getting certified. Find out how many, and other details.
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Harnessing the power of diversification Harnessing the power of diversification
Many products – organic veggies, soil amendments, algae, electricity, CO2 and heat – are all being created at Algae Aqua-Culture Technology’s self-sustaining and renewable ‘Stoltze Green Power House’ in Montana.
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Energy efficiency in the high north Energy efficiency in the high north
The Chena Fresh hydroponic greenhouse, which uses LED lights and other energy-efficient technologies, is powered completely by renewable energy. So is the rest of the site where it is located – Chena Hot Springs Resort, about an hour’s drive north of Fairbanks, Alaska.
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Lighting assessments
California-based LumiGrow LED greenhouse lighting company is now offering a ‘Fall 2012 pilot program’ available in Canada as well as the US. The program involves an assessment of a grower’s present greenhouse environment, crops and objectives, followed by a recommended lighting plan and its implementation.
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Energy policy and market resources Energy policy and market resources
This week, the University of Guelph’s 'George Morris Centre' announced some new exciting initiatives for the agriculture industry on their new website. Featuring policy, economics, education and market analysis, this website is a great resource.
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