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More from Energy Edge | Efficiency | Renewables | Management August 10, 2012
Greenhouse Project Greenhouse project integrates algae-produced bio-diesel and aquaculture
Energy Edge readers can now discover exclusive details on a recently-opened innovative greenhouse in Minnesota that integrates growing produce with algae-produced bio-diesel and aquaculture. It’s part of the Silver Bay Eco-Industrial Business Park, and the University of Minnesota is a partner.
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Lufa Farm's Inside look at Lufa Farm's rooftop greenhouse in Montreal
Another exclusive interview from Energy Edge gives an in-depth look at the Lufa Farms prototype energy-efficient rooftop greenhouse in Montreal, as well as the company’s development of a turnkey urban greenhouse system that can be used in any North American city.
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Restaurant group opens state-of-the-art greenhouse Restaurant group opens state-of-the-art greenhouse
The Denver, Colo.-based 'Den Corner restaurant group' has built a 3,000-square-foot energy-efficient greenhouse at its nearby farm. Discover how the greenhouse is utilizing only passive solar energy to supply light and heat, as well as other innovative energy-efficient features, to deliver fresh crops to the company’s restaurants throughout the year.
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Ontario electricity bill shock Ontario electricity bill shock
Greenhouse operators – and everyone else in the province – are in for a bit of an electricity bill price shock this month because of two major factors. Energy Edge has the lowdown on why July bills will be higher than most are anticipating.
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Greenhouse Growers Tradeshow and Open House Upcoming Greenhouse Growers Tradeshow and Open House
Get your questions on energy-saving technologies and incentives answered at the 'Greenhouse Growers Tradeshow and Open House' on Sept. 19 in Leamington, Ont. Present at this event, which is being hosted by Union Gas, will be experts on CO2 systems, energy curtains, linkage-less controls and CHP systems. The event has no fee and lunch is included, but participants must RSVP.
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