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More from Energy Edge | Efficiency | Renewables | Management July 27, 2012
Largest Solar Roofed Greenhouse Earth’s largest solar-roofed greenhouse
The largest solar-roofed greenhouse project on the planet is now complete and operational. The 134 greenhouses are located on 66 acres near Cagliari in the region of Sardinia, Italy – and the first crop is expected in October 2012.
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Canada Canada-wide energy policy to come?
Energy will be a focus as provincial leaders meet this week in Halifax – it’s a summit which just may result in the eventual creation of a Canada-wide energy policy. However, a stumbling block may prevent progress – find out more here.
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Japanese management software New energy management software
Learn about new software that helps create optimal greenhouse growth conditions and energy efficiency, soon to be released by Japanese company Fujitsu.
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Ethanol Plant Greenhouse at Ontario ethanol plant
Discover exciting details about a greenhouse to be built in Chatham, Ontario that will use heat and CO2 from the GreenField Ethanol plant located there. The greenhouse will be operated by Cedarline.
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SPSU U.S. greenhouse goes with solar only
Solar panels alone will power a new greenhouse at Southern Polytechnic State University in Marietta, Georgia. Together they will provide the structure with lights, winter heat and electricity.
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