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More from Energy Edge | Efficiency | Renewables | Management June 22, 2012
Rooftop Greenhouses Rooftop greenhouses in Canada
It's official this week – Lufa Farms claims to have 'broken even' earlier this year on its prototype energy-efficient rooftop greenhouse in Montreal. The company is ready to move forward with its "ultimate goal" – to develop a turnkey urban greenhouse system that can be located in any North American city.
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Energy Management Practical energy management
"There are all kinds of technologies, training programs, workshops and experts in the energy industry," say Lisa Brodeur, quality assurance specialist at 360 Energy. Each one offers different things to the greenhouse grower, but do they integrate with one another? Read more of Brodeur’s thoughts.
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Space Greenhouses Space-bound greenhouse shows off efficiencies
Want to learn more about how a greenhouse designed for space is providing practical information on energy efficiency? Look no further. The University of Arizona’s hydroponic ‘Lunar Greenhouse’ is on display this summer.
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Bright Farms Energy-wise greenhouses being built at U.S. stores
New York-based BrightFarms began construction this month on two more energy- and water-efficient hydroponic greenhouses located at northern U.S. supermarkets and food distribution centres. Their greenhouse designs use building heat and have many other efficiency features.
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Energy Webinar 'Journey to Energy Excellence' webinar
On June 13, 360 Energy’s 'Journey to Energy Excellence for Greenhouses' achieved lift-off. This program draws on international expertise in both greenhouses and energy management. Read about the 'launch' webinar hosted by Dr. Sjaak Bakker, business unit manager at the University of Wageningen in the Netherlands.
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