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Greenhouse Canada
More from Greenhouse Canada | Business | Innovations | Events June 19, 2012
'Last call' for Grower Day conference
It's "last call" time for this week's Grower Day sponsored by Greenhouse Canada.
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AMA helps with Point Pelee plant project
Several A.M.A. employees were on hand at Point Pelee National Park earlier this year to help with a native species restoration project.
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B.C. carbon tax relief welcomed by growers
Greenhouse vegetable and floriculture growers in British Columbia are finally getting some relief from the province’s carbon tax.
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CNLA retailers again ready to recycle
Garden retail members of the Canadian Nursery Landscape Association (CNLA) are showing their support in greater numbers than ever before for the third annual National Plastics Recycling Event, scheduled to take place from June 22 to July 1.
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