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More from Energy Edge | Efficiency | Renewables | Management June 15, 2012
Ron MacDonald Feature story on greenhouse energy audits
In these times of energy management challenges, an energy audit of your operation makes sense – especially when substantial funding is available. Find out why you should proceed with an audit, what it should include, and what to look for in an auditor.
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Use of new greenhouse tech vital, says GTA Ag Action Committee
“Greenhouse growers are investing significantly in infrastructure and technology,” says Janet Horner of the Greater Toronto Area Agricultural Action Committee. “That adaptation of new technologies has allowed this sector to not only remain competitive but to become a leader in production, energy conservation, nutrient management, packaging and product development.”
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Dave Arkell Journey to Energy Excellence, Part 3
The third instalment of 360 Energy’s ‘Journey to Energy Excellence for Greenhouses’ program involves developing a ‘Sustainable Energy Plan.’ Having an effective energy purchasing strategy is not enough to control energy costs. Find out why a plan is needed.
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Pellets New natural gas and pellet price report
A May 31 report by Maine-based FutureMetrics is entitled "An Analysis of the Future of Natural Gas Prices and Wood Pellet Prices: Natural gas will become much more costly than wood pellets." FutureMetrics is a self-proclaimed 'bioenergy' consultancy firm.
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AMPS 'Tower Garden' Efficient aeroponic cultivation
A vertical aeroponic ‘Tower Garden’ that just opened on the open rooftop of Rouses Market grocery store in downtown New Orleans uses 90 per cent less water and nutrients than traditional field growing systems.
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