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More from Energy Edge | Efficiency | Renewables | Management May 29, 2012
Taking stock Taking stock – looking back and preparing for the future
Lisa Brodeur of 360 Energy asks greenhouse owners to look at current operational details in order to make better decisions down the road.
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Large Scale Greenhouse High efficiency large-scale greenhouse to be built in B.C.
The T’Sou-ke First Nation of Vancouver Island, B.C., is setting a goal of energy, food and economic self-sufficiency through a variety of means, including a state-of-the-art, four-acre greenhouse to be completed in 2013.
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Renewable greenhouse Greenhouses at schools
More and more high schools and middle schools in Canada and the U.S. are getting new greenhouses to be used as learning environments and to showcase efficiency and renewable energy options.
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Biofuels making a comeback
The biofuels industry appears poised to make a comeback, not because of assistance from subsidies or tax incentives from U.S. or Canadian governments, but because of new technology.
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Energy Efficiency Energy efficiency grant goes to Kentucky greenhouse
Henkle's Herbs & Heirlooms in Kentucky is receiving a grant for energy efficiency greenhouse improvements.
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