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More from Energy Edge | Efficiency | Renewables | Management May 17, 2012
Revolutionary photovoltaic greenhouse panel Revolutionary photovoltaic greenhouse panel to be marketed by end of year
A new type of photovoltaic module being tested in Spain allows electricity to be generated without greenhouse crops being affected by over-shading. Apart from providing economic benefits for farmers through the energy generated, the technology controls the radiation and interior temperature of the greenhouse.
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Energy Audits Report will show energy audits a very wise move
Greenhouse energy audits are worth it. That’s the preliminary conclusion of a study soon to be released from Michigan State University (MSU). The finished report will be available to the public in mid-June 2012, and includes audits of 25 greenhouse businesses.
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New Resources New energy management resources
All greenhouse operators have taken steps to cut energy consumption, but deciding which steps to take next to further boost efficiency isn’t always easy. Help is here – in the form of new video and print resources developed by scientists at Michigan State University and Rutgers University in New Jersey.
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Waste Water Management Wastewater management
With the recent release of the findings from Ontario’s environment ministry regarding Ontario waterways, it is now more evident than ever that water and wastewater monitoring will be an important part of energy management for greenhouse operators.
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Ten energy management tips Ten energy management tips
Energy costs are rising every year and are a significant expense to almost all organizations. What is required is a sustainable energy plan. Here are ten recommendations of what must be done to manage energy effectively.
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