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More from Energy Edge | Efficiency | Renewables | Management May 4, 2012
Will natural gas prices rise or fall?
For the first time in several weeks, we are seeing natural gas prices begin to climb. What factors are causing prices to increase, and where are prices headed over the next few months?
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Wind Energy Farmers key in Canada’s wind energy future
The Canadian Wind Energy Association says Canada is on track for another record year for wind energy development, with farmers remaining key players as use of this renewable energy source moves forward.
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Innovative Greenhouse Project Innovative northern greenhouse project
An innovative project in the Yukon will provide valuable data on the heating requirements of an insulated greenhouse – and the ability of a small Stirling Engine to co-generate power and heat.
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The Journey to Energy Excellence
The Journey to Energy Excellence program, brought to you by 360 Energy Inc., has been developed to improve the energy performance of greenhouses. The program is an integrated approach to improving energy performance by 10 to 25 per cent.
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Sustainability award goes to greenhouse project
The Brattleboro, Vermont ‘Energy Committee’ has just awarded three 2012 Sustainable Business Awards, one going to a CHP (combined heat and power) project involving a greenhouse.
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