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Greenhouse Canada
More from Greenhouse Canada | Business | Innovations | Events April 24, 2012
Grower Day moving to Niagara
Greenhouse Canada’s Grower Day on June 20 is moving into a new home.
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Pioneering carbon capture technology debuts
ProSelect Gas Treating Inc. officially unveiled the world’s first carbon capture system for the greenhouse industry today at a launch event for the GC6 held at the SunSelect Produce greenhouses in Delta.
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Energy Edge Energy Edge
New website/enews dedicated to greenhouse energy efficiency

Greenhouse Canada Energy Edge is a multi-media program designed to highlight improvements in the energy performance of the Canadian greenhouse sector. Produced by Greenhouse Canada magazine, Energy Edge is based on a constantly updated website, and includes articles in each issue of Greenhouse Canada, as well as a bi-weekly enews service. Topics include energy efficiency, renewable energy options and information, incentive programs, procurement, energy management, and more. As part of the renewable energy field, biomass and bioenergy play a large role in the program's information stream. Visit today and find out more.

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New loan program for young farmers
Young and beginning farmers will find it easier to start and grow their farm businesses with the help of a new $500 million loan program.
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Biochar a well-proven soil amendment
Gardeners and professional growers who make their own charcoal soil additives, or biochar, should take care to heat their charcoal to at least 450 degrees Celsius to ensure that water and nutrients get to their plants, according to a new study by Rice University scientists.
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What are your pricing plans for 2012?
Just shy of half of our respondents (as of yesterday) say they are holding the line on most products. About 40 per cent are looking at increases of five per cent or less. Where do you fit in?
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