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Energy Edge
More from Energy Edge | Efficiency | Renewables | Management April 20, 2012
From energy liability to new business line From energy liability to new business line
Following up on our video focusing on Rosa Flora’s energy management operations, read the complete Energy Edge feature on the company’s entire energy approach – from the use of renewables and efficient greenhouse design, to its growing natural gas combined heat and power business.
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Upcoming bio-energy conferences
All facets of using bio-materials to produce energy and more will be examined at two major bio-energy conferences next week. Find out details on CanBio’s 'Advancing the Bio-economy: Biomass in a Canadian Energy Strategy' conference in Edmonton, Alberta, and ‘The North American Waste-to-Energy Conference’ in Portland, Maine.
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New loan program for Young Farmers
As the baby boomers move towards retirement, Farm Credit Canada is taking action to ensure Canada’s agricultural industry continues to thrive. Details of its new loan program for young farmers are now available.
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Greenhouse Survey Greenhouse survey shows heat and hydro are cost killers
Greenhouse Canada's brand new survey results are in. We asked growers a host of questions, from crops to pests. We also asked which input costs rose the most in recent years, as well as what growers are using as primary heating fuels. Some of the results may surprise you.
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Natural gas glut continues
The global gas glut shows no signs of lessening as the industry moves into 2012, even as gas usage continues to climb, according to an article on U.S. inventories at the end of the first quarter are projected to hit levels not seen in more than 20 years.
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