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More from Greenhouse Canada | Innovation | Business | Events February 28, 2012
MSU posts downy mildew on impatiens backgrounder
Michigan growers first learned of downy mildew on impatiens in 2004 when this disease wreaked havoc in many of their greenhouses.
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Rona moving towards smaller operations
Home improvement and gardening retailer Rona Inc. says it plans to close 10 big box stores by the end of this year as the company moves to shore up its bottom line.
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Mastronardi Produce again one of '50 Best Managed'
Mastronardi Produce has again been named one of Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies.
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PickOntario's 60 days of 'inspiration, giveaways, sales'
PickOntario will soon be challenging consumers to “Say It With Flowers” during its special 60-day campaign.
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Featured Video How to Make a Bubbler
Julie Graesch, Nematode Field Development Specialist at Becker Underwood, explains how to make a bubbler for beneficial nematode applications in your greenhouse.
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Greenhouse Canada poll question
How do you categorize (in distance) your prime market? Click 'read more' or visit our homepage to answer this week's poll question.
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