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More from Greenhouse Canada | Innovation | Business | Events February 14, 2012
Doef’s offers cukes with a lot of heart
Presenting your sweetheart with a dozen cucumbers on Valentine’s Day won’t score you many points on the romance scale – unless, perhaps, the contents of that green bouquet originated at Doef’s Greenhouses.
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Celebrating Food Freedom Day this past Sunday
BMO Bank of Montreal recognizes an important milestone that Canadian consumers observed last Sunday – Food Freedom Day 2012.
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Study shines light on ways to cut costs
Greenhouse bedding plant growers can save themselves time, money or possibly both by giving cuttings in propagation more light, according to a Purdue University study.
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Plants: heritable disease resistance
A research team at the University of Neuchâtel has shown for the first time that stimulating a plant’s natural defences also increases the capacity for disease resistance in its descendants.
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