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More from Greenhouse Canada | Innovation | Business | Events December 21, 2011
We want you in our first annual Grower Survey
Response has been encouraging to our first ever grower survey, posted earlier this month.
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FCO hosting industry update next month
Flowers Canada Ontario will update members on association priorities at a meeting here on Jan. 12.
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Sponsor Spotlight
Ball Perennial Manual - Propagation and Production Annex Bookstore
Cultural cookbook for Ball perennials

Written by Jim Nau, Ball Perennial Manual - Propagation and Production explores herbaceous perennials and contains valuable information on 149 genera and 300 species of plants.

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Ont. greenhouses in clean water program
Ontario is helping the Ontario Greenhouse Alliance and 28 other organizations and communities create smarter solutions to protect water and to provide safe, reliable clean drinking water to Ontarians.
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BER: transport protein identified
Blossom end rot on tomatoes and cucumbers, and spotty apples – these unpleasant blemishes on fruits and vegetables not only compromise the flavour, but also cause significant harvest losses every year.
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