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New Varieties – September/October 2007

February 27, 2008  By Greenhouse Canada

Achillea ‘Wonderful Wampee’, Cerveza ’ n Lime, Black bacarra, Blue Light, Cabana Trailing Blue, Baptisia ‘Carolina Moonlight’, Citrus Blend, Little Duckling, Mardi Gras

261. Achillea ‘Wonderful Wampee’
The Achillea ‘Wonderful Wampee’ from Blooms of Bressingham® is sturdy, has compact growth habit and a long bloom period. The tight corycombs open to a rich pink and then age to an appleblossum blush. It will grow to a 15 inches tall and spread out over 12 inches. The USDA hardiness zone is 4-8. (Valleybrook Gardens)

2. Cerveza ’ n Lime
The Cerveza ’ n Lime (Plectranthus) is a plant with soft foliage and a pleasant smell. It has excellent heat and drought tolerance and is grown in full sun. The foliage can reach a height of 24 inches and has a hardy temperature of 30 F or -1 C. Cerveza ’ n Lime can be used in combinations, monocultures, window boxes and landscapes. (Proven Winners)


3. Black bacarra
For years, hybridizers have tried to breed a black rose. The world-renowned House of Meilland® bred this one of a kind Hybrid Tea, Black Bacarra™ and introduced it for Valentine’s Day in 2001. The tremendous success of this rose created a demand from the gardening public for “the blackest rose of them all.” The velvety texture of the pedals and unique colour will be an instant success in your garden. A perfect addition to the landscape and wonderful addition to any cutting garden, this rose is sure to stand out. Used as a cut flower it will last up to two weeks in a vase. (Pan American Nursery)

4. Blue Light
Blue Light originates in the Netherlands, and produces blue-violet to pale blue flowers. This new variety produces double flowers in both spring and autumn. It is an exceptionally free-flowering variety producing masses of flowers. Blue Light is a strong growing climber and can reach two metres in height. (Pan American Nursery)

5. Cabana Trailing Blue
The Cabana Trailing Blue is perfect for hanging baskets, gardens or in window boxes. It flowers all season long, is low-maintenance and acts as a great filler plant when planted in combination with others. It grows up to eight inches high and spreads out to ten inches in either sun or partial shade.
(Proven Winners)

6. Baptisia ‘Carolina Moonlight’
This features elegant spikes of creamy yellow blooms alongside tidy blue green foliage in early summer. Baptisia ‘Carolina Moonlight’ is long-blooming and tough and grows to three feet. It is a hybrid of B. sphaerocarpa and
B. alba. (Valleybrook Gardens)

7. Citrus Blend
Citrus Blend features brilliant tones of red, orange and yellow that produce a vibrant display of colour when used in combinations or in window boxes and landscaping. The flowers are heat and drought tolerant and emit a light, sweet fragrance. Citrus Blend grows in full sun and can reach between 15 to 18 inches in height. The hard temperature zone is 35 F or 2 C. (Proven Winners)

8. Little Duckling
Little Duckling originates in Estonia and is known as the heaviest bloomer at this time. Its flowers are light purplish pink with an eye-catching, wide, dark purplish-red bar. Little Duckling is considered a large-flowering clematis with numerous flowers on one-year plants. Blooming first in May-June as double seven centi-metres across in size. Later, the blooms are single and the flower keeps blooming until October.
(Pan American Nursery)

9. Mardi Gras
Mardi Gras™ produces brilliant roses with a parade of yellows, oranges and pinks on healthy deep green foliage, and is a consistent performer in all climates. The flower is a new All American Rose Selection (AARS) winner for 2008. (Pan American Nursery)

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