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New technologies from Oasis

December 12, 2016  By Dave Harrison

Dec. 12, 2016, Kent, Ohio – Oasis® Grower Solutions has a new portfolio of technologies that support the plant along its lifecycle to ensure stronger, healthier outcomes.

The various technologies add benefits and value to breeders, growers, retailers and all involved in the plant supply chain journey.

As part of their focus on sustainability, the Oasis team introduced the eS platform – an ecologically sustainable line of products that deliver an ecological and/or sustainable benefit due to chemistry, manufacturing process or positive environmental effects along the supply chain.  Horticubes® eS and Fertiss® eS are two proven technologies that now deliver on these benefits, and PlantPaper complements the portfolio.


• Horticubes eS – enhanced biodegradable-engineered media for hydroponic propagation and production of a wide variety of crops.

• Fertiss eS – stabilized media plug wrapped in a 100 per cent bio-based and natural material; easy, ready-to-stick propagation media for young plant production.

• PlantPaper – distributed by Oasis® Grower Solutions, is a 100 per cent natural, bio-based paper wrap for plant propagation media used in young plant production.

• New Oasis Easy Plant – plug, block and slab – is a hydroponic propagation system that supports the plant growth from seed to plant, delivering strong plants and higher yields. The inert, pathogen-free media provides excellent moisture and optimal aeration for better root development and bountiful results. When compared to similar products, the open cell structure in Oasis Easy Plant Open allows easier management of plant’s rooting environment to steer them from vegetative to generative growth. And the foam can be crushed, making it easier to dispose, thus significantly reducing waste footprint.

Following the plant journey, the new HydraPad hydration substrate protects the potted plant from production to retail settings. The super absorbent fibers help keep potted plants looking their best by serving as a hydration source during transportation and on the store shelf. Now potted plants can last up to 30 per cent longer, improving retailer profits and consumer satisfaction.

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