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New fuchsia at High Q

February 3, 2016
By Dave Harrison


February 2016 — High Q Greenhouses is growing a new variety of fuchsia for spring. ‘Fuchsia Bellinto™ Compact Red and White’ is from a day-neutral series that is easy to grow and perfect for larger hanging baskets or planters…

Fuchsias are always a consumer favourite! It grows 8-16” tall and the spread is 10-14” according to the Selecta North America website. Gardeners will be pleased with the compact habit and beautiful contrasting colours.

Other fuchsia varieties High Q is growing for the 2016 season including Blacky, Dark Eyes, Dollar Princess, Gartenmeister, Indian Maid, Marbeller Heri Mochara, Marbeller Orange King, South Gate, and Swingtime.


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