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New decorative climate screens from Svensson

August 14, 2017  By Dave Harrison

Aug, 14, 2017, Charlotte, NC – Svensson has introduced a new collection of decorative climate screens which combine function and aesthetics, making for an ideal combination for garden centers and others alike.

Providing both pleasant shopping and working temperatures along with an attractive visual appearance, Svensson’s new Deco Harmony screens further strengthen the customer experience.

New Deco Harmony climate screens are an extension of Svensson’s light-diffusing Harmony product line and provide shade while spreading light more evenly. This results in a comfortable indoor shopping climate in garden centres throughout the day – creating an environment that’s not too hot or too cold.


When temperatures drop outside at night or in the winter, Deco Harmony curtains help maintain heat, thereby saving energy and creating better plant conditions.


Available in rolling and sliding versions, the screens flame-retardant properties allow garden centrEs to meet strict fire code regulations.

The right visual appearance 
Available in four colours – Terracotta, Lavender, Yellow or Gray; this new screen range makes it easy for garden centres to enhance their interior design and create a welcoming environment for customers.
Deco Harmony climate screens provide facilities with a visually attractive appearance, creating an ambience that encourages customers to stay longer and potentially buy more.

By combining climate screen knowledge from the greenhouse sector with a century-long heritage within interior textile solutions, Svensson offers a unique product that not only works great, but also looks great.

“Our new range of Deco Harmony screens well represent Svensson’s expertise and experience from our two business divisions, technical textiles for greenhouses and interior textiles, both of which are centred upon the philosophy of providing textiles of superior quality that are engineered to improve the natural habitat for people and plants,” said Mauricio Manotas, president of Svensson’s American subsidary.

“We feel that the garden centre market is expanding here in North America and are thrilled to continue to diversify our product offering to include a more targeted screen solution for the garden centre industry.”

Svensson’s first Deco Harmony climate screens have been installed in garden centres in the Netherlands and in the United States.

All Svensson Deco Harmony screens are produced in-house and come with a five-year warranty.

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