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New crop, new image for Ecobain

November 12, 2018  By Greenhouse Canada

Photo credit: Ecobain Gardens

Saskatchewan vertical farm, Ecobain Gardens has announced a shift in crop and in name.

The vertical hydroponic farm has been renamed Mother Labs, and is set to grow and supply cannabis cuttings and plants to local and national distributors.

Previously marketed under the Ecobain Naturals brand, husband-and-wife duo Brian and Roberta Bain grew herbs and microgreens for almost half a decade in their warehouse based in Saskatoon. Now their 6000 sq. ft. facility is about to welcome a new crop. Carrying over the same environmentally-responsible mindset, their cannabis facility will utilize LED lighting and hydroponics to minimize their carbon footprint, reduce energy expenditures, use environmental UV sterilization and grow large quantities with minimal environmental impact.


Mother Labs will also be turning to tissue culture micropropagation for cannabis cloning, with the goal of growing healthier, higher-quality and reliable plants with specific genetic qualities and traits.

“Our focus has and always will be sustainability, local products, and benefiting communities,” says Brian Bain, CEO of Mother Labs. “Food security remains a priority which is an element of culture we wish to affect again in the future.”

Brian and Roberta were both previous winners of Greenhouse Canada’s Top 10 Under 40 awards.


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