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October 29, 2015
By Dave Harrison


November 2015 — A University of New Hampshire scientist has developed a new cherry tomato designed to be grown in hanging baskets in greenhouses…

‘Rambling Rose’ provides a new attractive pink fruit colour not yet available in cherry tomatoes suitable for hanging basket production.

The new fruit was developed by Becky Sideman, a researcher with the NH Agricultural Experiment Station and extension professor of sustainable horticulture production, and her collaborators Elisabeth Hodgdon at the University of Vermont and Jennifer Noseworthy of Gordon College. 


‘Rambling Rose’ originated from self-pollinating a single hybrid ‘Tumbler’ cherry tomato plant at UNH in 2009.

‘Tumbler’ was selected as the parent material due to its desirable uniform growth and fruiting habit.

Those interested in commercial seed production should contact Becky Sideman, University of New Hampshire, G48 Spaulding Hall, Durham, NH 03824.

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