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New brand identity for LumiGrow

May 12, 2017  By LumiGrow

May 12, 2017 – LumiGrow Inc., a leader in smart horticultural lighting, has a new brand identity.

“It’s my pleasure to introduce the new face of LumiGrow,” said CEO Shami Patel.

“There have been a lot of changes within the company this past year, and with our 10-year anniversary upon us, we feel it’s the perfect time to re-illustrate our commitment to our growers.”


The changes refer to the inception of a new lighting leadership team, as well as recent growth seen in its lighting technology and customer-base.

On the new LumiGrow website, the company notes that they’ve sold enough fixtures to save 100 gigawatt hours of electricity versus traditional HPS lighting, an enormous number equating to a significant share of indoor grow lighting in North America and abroad.

“For the past 10 years, LumiGrow has taken horticultural LED lighting further than any other LED manufacturer in the world,” says Shami. “LumiGrow was the first company to introduce adjustable-spectrum LEDs to North America when it became evident that different light spectra could be used to influence plant growth and elicit desired plant characteristics. Since then, we’ve continued to pioneer the notion of what’s possible with horticultural light.

“We continue to push these boundaries and have cultivated a new team built from lighting and plant biology leaders. Our growers can expect LumiGrow to keep improving upon our premier lighting solution, making the industry’s most advanced LEDs even more robust and easy-to-use.”


• The new LumiGrow logo represents a digital flower, consisting of two leaves joined by lighting connectivity bands.

• The new LumiGrow slogan reads “Growth Through Connectivity.”

“At our heart, we’re still lighting innovators and thought-leaders, but our company has grown to be so much more than that,” sales and marketing vice-president Jay Albere II explains.

“Building the world’s leading smart horticultural lighting solution has taken more than just innovation in lighting. We’ve become this nexus where spectral science meets applied horticulture and lighting IoT.

“When we speak of connectivity, we’re not only referring to the connectivity of our adjustable lighting system through our software platform. We’ve also created communities as we lead humankind’s discovery of how plants use light. Our engineers, researchers, and lighting specialists work in unison with our growers to create a connected environment for plants and people to thrive.”

LumiGrow is continuing to develop cutting-edge technology and research. Their most recent technology is a Grow Light Sensor, another industry first that adjusts LED light intensity automatically by using light levels from the sun, made available as part of a recent pilot program.

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