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New adhesive tape solution for greenhouse growers

April 27, 2021  By tesa

Polyethylene film is generally recognized as the most cost-effective way to help greenhouse growers protect their crops. Until damage and tears occur.

Now greenhouse growers can reap the economic benefits of polyethylene film for greenhouse crop production – while avoiding the downside of costly film replacement.

tesa 4646 Greenhouse Tape makes repairs to poly film fast and easy. Its high initial bond and extra sticky surface deliver superior holding power. An added plus is that tesa 4646 Greenhouse Tape can also be used for cracked glass greenhouse panes.


An alternative to film replacement

According to Stefan Sell, director, General Industrial Markets, tesa North America collaborated with greenhouse growers to identify an adhesive solution that can help them increase yields and crop stability without having to replace the whole film when damage occurs.

“Poly films are a popular choice for many greenhouse growers,” Sell said. “They are easy to install and much less expensive than glass panels or rigid plastic sheets. A downside is that poly films used for greenhouses and grow tunnels damage and tear easily – and there are not many greenhouse repair tapes on the market.”

Sell added that existing tapes generally have short longevity. They turn yellow after being exposed to the elements. They start flagging – or coming off. And, they lose their adhesion after only a few months.

Designed for greenhouses and grow tunnels

“Working with greenhouse growers, we developed an adhesive tape solution that can be used for splicing poly film – and conforms well to irregular surfaces,“ Sell said. “Excellent weather and UV resistance enable it to last up to 12 months, while maintaining its transparent colour.”

tesa 4646 Greenhouse Tape makes a durable repair possible, protects plants for more than one season and helps maintain desired indoor climate conditions inside the greenhouse.

“Plus, it’s easy to use,” Sell added. “No expensive tools are required – or additional screws and staples. Simply unroll, stick and cut.”

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