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N. American greenhouse veg industry at a glance

September 5, 2017  By Dave Harrison

Sept. 5, 2017 – The following are statistics from “North American Greenhouse Vegetable Production Statistics” publication.

U.S.: The latest U.S. Census of Agriculture Report counts 8,750 greenhouse vegetable farms. This is a dramatic increase of 115 per cent from the report seven years earlier.

It is interesting to note that 90 per cent of these farms are less than 0.2 acres in size. 

Although listed as “greenhouse” vegetables and herbs, the U.S. census definitions are very broad. In the fine print of the report, it notes that “greenhouse” is actually “under cover.” Its definition of “under cover” is “generally defined as greenhouses, cold frames, cloth houses and lath houses.” In other parts of the report, they list “under glass or other protection.” 


Canada: Statistics Canada uses the definition of “the total area under glass and plastic.” This is somewhat different than the U.S. definition. The latest data show 2,430 greenhouse vegetable farms.

Mexico: In Mexico, the Association of Protected Horticulture “AMHPAC” compiles the most complete statistics on the greenhouse vegetable sector. Its definition uses the term “greenhouse/shade house” for the data reporting. It reports 30,932 facilities.


A complete, detailed, data report on the latest statistics for these countries is available as the “North American Greenhouse Vegetable Production Statistics” publication. It is available from Cuesta Roble Consulting at

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