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Mother’s Day spending plans revealed

May 5, 2009  By Amanda Ryder

May 5, 2009 – A MasterCard Canada survey reveals that 88 per cent of
Canadians say they’ll spend the same amount or more on mom this year
and 29 per cent of people plan to buy flowers for the occasion.

While most Canadians (68 per cent) have gifts for their own moms, when
it comes to the other moms in our lives, some of us are a little more
selective. For example, almost half of Canadian men (48 per cent) plan
to give a gift to the mother of their children, while only 20 per cent
are buying for their mothers-in-law. Women (38 per cent), on the other
hand, are more likely to buy for their in-laws and other mother figures
in their lives.   

Spending on Mom

Regardless of who we're buying for, 88 per cent of us plan to spend the
same amount or more this Mother's Day. Most Canadians (61 per cent)
plan to spend anywhere from $20 – $100.

Atlantic Canadians are the country's biggest spenders, with one-fifth
(20 per cent) planning to spend $100-$200, while Quebecers (39 per
cent) are the thriftiest, spending $20-$50.


Gifts for Mom
Canadians like to keep it simple, with 35 per cent giving mom a card
and 29 per cent planning to cook for mom. Ontarians (33 per cent) are
most likely to put their culinary skills to use for mom. Flowers (29
per cent) are also a popular choice, and men (32 per cent) are more
likely than women (24 per cent) to head to the florist.

Should we stay in or go out?
While a significant number of Canadians (27 per cent) plan to go out
for dinner, more men (32 per cent) will take mom out for dinner
compared to women (22 per cent).

Mom or Dad?

While we honour mom, we can't forget dad. More than half (56 per cent)
of Canadians say mom and dad are treated equally on their special day.
Father's Day is June 21.

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