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Mixed opinions on BC’s Carbon Tax

October 1, 2012  By Treena Hein

Greenhouse growers are concerned about BC's Carbon Tax. Recent reports and opinions on the tax differ greatly.

Greenhouse operators in BC are among those who are closely watching what the present government in that province will do with the carbon tax. It has resulted in recent fuel hikes.



The tax took effect in 2008.

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation told a provincial panel recently that the carbon tax should be removed – that it’s costing people too much money, is failing to meet its environmental goals and is far from being revenue neutral.

Meanwhile, Sustainable Prosperity, a University of Ottawa-based research network, thinks the first four years of the tax “have had a positive environmental impact without harming the [BC] economy.” Their report says that the tax has resulted in lower petroleum fuel consumption, lower provincial greenhouse gas emissions, and has had no effect on BC’s GDP growth as a ‘revenue neutral’ tax shift (no net increase in taxes).

The Pembina Institute has also recently created a report on the tax. “The Pembina Institute views British Columbia’s carbon tax as an important first step in the province’s efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and build an economy powered by cleaner sources of energy. Looking forward to 2013 and beyond, the Pembina Institute recommends four changes to improve the fairness and effectiveness of the carbon tax. The recent report, the Institute’s formal submission to British Columbia’s carbon tax review panel, can be downloaded here.


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