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Mettrum incorporates Canopy standards

February 23, 2017  By Bruce Linton Canopy Growth

Feb. 23, 2017, Smiths Falls, Ont. – The following is an open letter from Bruce Linton providing an update on Mettrum’s transition to new management and the implementation of Canopy Growth operational procedures.

It has been approximately three weeks since Canopy Growth Corporation (TSX: WEED) took over Mettrum. Prior to closing we established a QA/QC and operational transition plan. In the first weeks, Canopy’s management team has taken steps to enhance quality assurance practices and operational controls in order to bring operations up to our world class standard.

Customer safety and trust are always our top priorities, and they are particularly important following the Mettrum product recall. Mettrum products available today have been tested at third party labs over and above Health Canada’s requirements, including rigorous testing for pesticides. This testing will continue, along with Canopy’s high standards for operational controls to assure Mettrum customers that a recall like this will never happen again.


We have also established a detailed process map to change growing and quality assurance processes throughout the production cycle, bringing practices in-line with existing operating procedures at Tweed and Tweed Farms. This has already resulted in numerous process and personnel changes, and will be followed by infrastructure modifications.

Mettrum operates two high quality facilities already, with a production footprint in Bowmanville ready to be increased by almost 200%. We are confident that bringing in proven best practices will ensure that all our products meet the highest standards to ensure patient safety and product quality.


Restoring confidence in Mettrum requires more than just changes going forward. It requires openness and transparency starting today, to ensure patients understand the recent Mettrum recall. Canopy Growth did not own Mettrum when this happened, but we will provide all the answers and information available to us.

Today, I sent an email to all Mettrum customers introducing myself and asking them to reach out to me with any questions or concerns. I also advised them of a FAQ page provided to answer questions they may have about the recall. The application of pest control products not registered for use on cannabis at Mettrum was inexcusable. However, I can assure our patients that Health Canada has correctly categorized the recall as a Type III voluntary recall, meaning “not likely to cause any adverse health consequences.”

Amidst all the changes brought about by the Mettrum acquisition, we must not lose sight of why we acquired Mettrum in the first place.

First off, increasing our ability to service the medical cannabis market (and potentially the future recreational market) will require a great deal of production capacity. Adding existing, operational sites with significant room to expand capacity are essential for our growth.

More importantly, our company has long held the view that brand and product diversity matter to us.


At Canopy, we respect the responsibility of Health Canada to ensure that Canadians are safe and healthy. Like every brand affected in the 723 other health product recalls administered by Health Canada in 2016, Mettrum has work to do to regain customer and physician confidence. I believe we have a team in place that is up to the challenge.

We remain excited for what the future holds at Mettrum as the newest member of the Canopy Growth family.

Bruce Linton is the founder and CEO of Canopy Growth Corporation.

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