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LumiGrow Cash for Clunkers program

April 3, 2013  By Brandi Cowen

For every high intensity discharge light fixture growers turn in, they can receive a $150 rebate toward the purchase of a LumiGrow LED luminaire.

LumiGrow’s Cash for Clunkers program offers commercial growers a $150 rebate for each high intensity discharge greenhouse light fixture they replace with one of the company’s LED luminaires.

The cash rebate program presents a win-win scenario for growers and the environment. Growers gain a financial incentive for recycling HID greenhouse lights whether or not they are in working order. Fixtures are sent to a recycling facility certified to safely dispose of the hazardous materials found in HID lighting. Fixture scrap metal is recycled.



“A pile of broken-down HID lights is an all-too-common sight at greenhouse facilities,” said Neil Coppinger, vice-president of sales at LumiGrow. “We’re pleased to help growers upgrade these clunkers to smart lights that quickly pay them back many times over, year after year.”


To date, over 1,200 growers worldwide have made the switch from conventional lighting to LumiGrow LED luminaires. Unlike the broad-spectrum HID lights historically used in greenhouses, LumiGrow LED luminaires emit only those portions of the light spectrum that trigger healthy plant responses. Growers can reduce their lighting-related energy consumption and costs by 40 per cent or more.


Around the world, LumiGrow solution customers annually save an estimated 7.5 thousand megawatt hours, prevent the emission of more than 10 million tons of carbon dioxide, and return millions of dollars to their bottom lines. LumiGrow LED fixtures are also lead- and mercury-free.


The LumiGrow Cash for Clunkers program expires on May 31, 2013. For program details, please visit

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