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Local biomass fuels greenhouses fast

April 18, 2013  By Brandi Cowen

Canadian Biofuel supplies fuel pellets and briquettes to greenhouse growers. (Courtesy of Canadian Biomass.)

Ontario growers using coal to heat their greenhouses now have an alternate fuel option that is clean, efficient, readily accessible and locally produced. Bio-pellets produced along the province’s 401 corridor ensure same day and next day deliveries when growers need them.

The pellets, produced by Canadian Biofuel in Springford, Ont., burn cleanly and efficiently. The company reports that only one per cent of the average industrial pellet is left over as ash, while higher grade premium pellets leave as little as 0.5 per cent ash. One pound of pellets can produce 8,800 btu of heat, and leftover ash can be used as a mild plant fertilizer.



“Coal heated greenhouse systems can be easily converted to use wood pellet fuel in their boilers. Canadian Biofuel makes the transition from coal to pellet fuel quick and easy. Through local woodworking bsinesses, such as toy, beam and furniture manufacturers, wood pellets are made entirely from suppliers within the Ontario Golden triangle – Guelph, Hamilton and Waterloo,” said Ian Moncrieff, president and CEO of Canadian Biofuel.

The company’s prompt delivery service allows growers to take fast delivery of the pellets during cold snaps and other natural gas interruptions.

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