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Loblaw to sell blemished produce as ‘Naturally Imperfect’

March 12, 2015  By The Canadian Press

March 12, 2015, Toronto – Loblaw Companies has launched a program to sell blemished, misshapen or undersized produce under the No Name Naturally Imperfect brand.

The produce, to be sold in select grocery stores across Ontario and Quebec, will cost up to 30 per cent less than other fruits and vegetables.

Loblaw spokesman Dan Branson says the Naturally Imperfect produce won’t look as perfect, but will be equally tasty and nutritious.


In the past, the produce selected for Naturally Imperfect products might have been used for juices, sauces or soups.

Naturally Imperfect apples and potatoes are already available in some Maxi, No Frills and Real Canadian Superstore outlets.

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