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Lemoncello: improved yield, quality

September 10, 2015
By Dave Harrison


September 2015 — “Lemoncello” is a De Ruiter yellow blocky pepper hybrid for the Ontario bulk market. Its size and production potential provides growers with a great new option for this segment…

Compared to the market leader, the fruit quality of “Lemoncello” has remained very high all throughout the crop. It has a higher level of vigour and ideal generativity. It showed a uniform size throughout the season with a high percentage meeting the XL category.

The variety has resistance to Tobamoviruses P1.2.3.


A commercial launch of is planned for the fall of 2015, enabling growers to enjoy its benefits in their 2016 crop.

For the past two years, “Lemoncello” has shown higher yields and good size for the bulk market with good fruit quality.

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