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Leaving delicate herbs in capable hands

March 12, 2018  By Greenhouse Canada

On Robot

Among the many applications of On Robot’s robot grippers, they’re being used to pack herbs at Rosborg Food Holding, one of Denmark’s largest producers of herbs and miniature flowering plants.

Their main reasons for automation? To handle the growing demand and seasonal fluctuations. According to the release, Rosborg’s facility of 120 thousand square meters includes 130 employees who grow, pack and sell common herbs such as mint, dill and tarragon, plus miniature flowers.

“We are constantly working to optimize the productivity and profitability of our processes by automating the monotonous, heavy tasks that employees would prefer to avoid anyway. Robot technology also helps us reduce the amount of overtime and temporary workers,” says Henning Jørgensen, partner and operations manager at Rosborg Food Holding.


The RG6 robot grippers are designed to “feel”, using the feedback to better grip and move objects. The user-friendly software allows staff with little to no experience with robotic arms to change its settings, switching it over to a different task. Interfacing digitally and electronically with the robot arm, On Robot’s grippers don’t lead to the same tangle of cables that often results from the use of compressed air in other robot grippers.

“We want to ensure a larger surplus capacity for daily operations, so that we can also double our production in peak season, during Christmas, New Year and Easter, without losing profits on overtime and replacement worker expenses,” says Henning Jørgensen.

When deciding on robotic equipment, On Robot recommends considering the following:
·       Safety: employees should feel safe working alongside the equipment without needing protective shielding
·       User-friendly: equipment and software should be easy to install, program and use
·       Bottom line: the equipment should be profitable and efficient

On Robot’s grippers come in two sizes: RG2 (lifts up to 2 kg) and RG6 (wider grip and lifts up to 6 kg).

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