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Kingsville residents raise concerns

December 17, 2018  By CBC News

Removal of natural vegetation, light pollution and noisy trucks are factors brought up during a Kingsville Council meeting by Michael Burns, spokesperson for Kingsville Property Owners, a Facebook group started by Chris O’Neil.

O’Neil says the newer greenhouses are very tall, some about 10 metres, and “lit all night long.” O’Neil argues they raise the value of the local farmland, costing farmers more in taxes, but devalue nearby property.

Meanwhile, the OGVG defend the town’s greenhouses which meet demand for fresh vegetables when the weather gets cold. Justine Taylor, the OGVG spokesperson, estimates that one in five people in the community relies directly or indirectly on the greenhouse industry for employment.


However, O’Neil said the town should consider whether it wants a greenhouse industry in Kingsville, similar to what Leamington has going.

OGVG has drafted a proposal to address some of the concerns and it’s being circulated among OGVG members. | READ MORE

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