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Jolt Pink an AAS National winner

November 27, 2015
By Dave Harrison


December 2015 — Jolt Pink Interspecific Dianthus is highly durable and withstands hot summer conditions with few disease issues and continues to flower without setting seed. These grower-friendly, well-branched plants are easy to produce with less to no PGRs…

It is ideal for summer premium grower choice quart and gallon containers to command a higher price point. It is an 2015 All-America Selections National Winner that will stir up consumer excitement with extra publicity and promotion.

It features strong dark-green foliage and performs as a semi-hardy annual in Zone 7 (0 F/-18 C minimum temperature) and milder.


The plug crop time is four to five weeks. The transplant to finish times are: late spring through autumn finish, 12 to 14 weeks; winter finish, 14 to 18 weeks.

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