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Is that a pepper weevil in your pheromone trap?

August 27, 2019  By Greenhouse Canada

Image from: ONGreenhouseVegetables Blog

There might be a weevil trapped on your yellow sticky card, but whether it’s the dreaded pepper weevil calls for a closer look.

As OMAFRA greenhouse IPM specialist Cara McCreary notes on the ONgreenhousevegetables blog, yellow sticky cards can attract a number of different insects, including other weevils that may appear similar to the pepper weevil.

Though some features may be hard to make out, McCreary suggests using a hand lens or magnifying glass to help identify the weevil in question. The pepper weevil tends to have a brown-mahogany, oval-shaped body with a dense patch of white scales at the top of the wing covers. Spurs occur on the undersides of all six femurs and scales (hairs) cover the body and wing covers.


See her illustrated blog post for key distinguishing features of the pepper weevil, as well as other similar-looking critters including the strawberry clipper weevil, sweet clover weevil, clover seed weevil, cabbage weevil and more. | READ MORE

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