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Interspecific Impatiens Bounce™ (Click for more information)

May 4, 2017
By Dave Harrison


January 2017 – Bounce Interspecific Impatiens, from Selecta, gives you colour in the shade. All-new genetics offer resistance to impatiens downy mildew with the habit and flower count of I. walleriana. Watch it bounce back after wilt and thrive in sun and shade.

It is suitable for production in small pots up to hanging baskets and available in several key colours, as well as the new ‘Bright Coral,’ for 2017 retail sales. It is supplied as unrooted cuttings from Ball Seed and as rooted cuttings from select root-and-sell locations. It does well in shade and sun and grows to 14-20″ (36-51 cm) in height, with a spread of 14-20″ (36-51 cm).


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