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Illumitex ends lighting operations, focuses on AI

February 18, 2020  By Greenhouse Canada

Former lighting supplier Illumitex has decided to terminate its LED lighting operations, investing their resources to propel their artificial-intelligence platform instead.

Known as FarmVision AI, the platform tracks everything in the production environment, from plant growth and scouting, to inefficiencies in labour. No need for motors, tracks or registration markers, FarmVision AI uses wireless cameras that connect to their cloud.

“With installations ramping, we are seeing that FarmVisionAI is more valuable to farmers than LED lighting and we are refocusing our resources to accelerate deployments,” says Jeff Bisberg, CEO. “By capturing images of every plant at every moment, we create a unique dataset that allows us to close the digital feedback loop and drive amazing new outcomes, at scale, for our customers.”


Illumitex says there are three main features that can be of value to any controlled environment agriculture operation, be it containers, warehouses or greenhouses. It allows growers to visualize each and every plant at any time, offers a horticulturalist-curated AI that provides insight on what’s happening in the crop, and tracks staff on the farm with heat maps and location services.

“Currently the system works with leaf greens and determinant plants,” notes the company. “While the first AI algorithms are cannabis focused, new detections can be activated with as little as 10,000 images of the desired detection target,” allowing use of the platform on other crops.

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