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Hoskin Scientific releases new DLI meters

February 25, 2022  By Hoskin

(Photo provided by: Hoskin)

Hoskin Scientific has introduced new Apogee DLI meters.

The new releases takes research-grade measurements of PPFD, daily light integral, and photoperiod at any location. The different meter models can take instantaneous readings of PAR or ePAR and automatically record the daily light integral (total photons in mols) and hours of light (photoperiod in 0.1 hours) for up to 99 days. This data can be viewed on the screen by toggling through the screens or downloading via USB-C.

Three models are offered to fit different application needs:

  • DLI-400: lowest-cost option is accurate for measuring 400-700 nm in sunlight and under some broadband light sources.
  • DLI-500: full-spectrum is accurate for measuring 400-700 nm under all light sources.
  • DLI-600: ePAR is accurate for measuring the new ePAR 400-750 nm range under all light sources.

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