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Hort Americas, Meteor Systems join forces to distribute HDPE rafts

Floating customizable system touted as ‘profitable long-term investment’

June 6, 2024  By Greenhouse Canada

Meteor’s High Density Polyethelene (HDPE) rafts Photo Credit: Meteor Systems.

Hort Americas has teamed up with Meteor Systems to float a new sustainable growing method.

In recent press release, the companies announced a partnership to distribute Meteor’s High Density Polyethelene (HDPE) rafts across North America. The companies herald the raft as a “much more profitable long-term investment.”

Chris Higgins, president and co-founder of Hort Americas, said in the release he believes the collaboration will bring “more environmentally friendly solutions to the market.”


He adds: “These rafts provide a longer lifespan and better insulation capacity than traditional EPS rafts.”

The HDPE floating rafts can be handled both manually and automatically and used in deep water culture and vertical farming. They can be customized by plant hole shapes and sizes, are cleaned using chemicals, high-pressure washing and hot water, and can be reused.

“Their ability to be fully automated makes them an ideal choice for modern, smart farming environments,” Bas Dirven, head of research and development at Meteor Systems, says in the release.

“The total cost of ownership for HDPE floating rafts is less than 50 per cent per lettuce head compared to EPS rafts, making them a much more profitable long-term investment.”

More information on the HDPE rafts can be found on the companies’ websites. (Source: Hort Americas)

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