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January 28, 2008
By Dave Harrison


Ag Canada’s Harrow research centre in southwestern Ontario has long been a key resource for greenhouse growers across the country. It’s the largest greenhouse vegetable research facility in North America and is also home to one of nine Minor Use Pesticide Program trial sites established by AAFC.

A leading edge industry requires leading edge research.   

And for the Canadian greenhouse vegetable sector, one such key resource is the Greenhouse and Processing Crops Research Centre in Harrow, Ontario. It is North America’s largest greenhouse vegetable research facility.


It has also added some floriculture research, thanks to support from Flowers Canada Growers.

We have been fortunate the past few years to be able to tour the Centre and discuss projects with the researchers. A sampling of this year’s projects include:

•     Updating research on two leading whitefly parasitoids, Encarsia formosa and Eretmocerus eremicus.

•     A study of foliar and soil applications of nematodes in potted plants.

•     Working to add another crop application with the multi-tasking of bumblebees.

•     Feeding preferences of specially reared Neoseiulus cucumeris.

•     Studies to optimize greenhouse environment strategies.

•     Assessing the efficacy of reduced risk materials for powdery mildew control.

•     Studying a new biological control of cabbage loopers.

•     Developing an integrated bacterial canker control program for tomato crops.

•     Enhancing organic tomato production.

Also included was a review of the Minor Use Pesticide Program of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. Harrow is one of nine sites across Canada, though the only one to work with both field and greenhouse crops. The other AAFC greenhouse centre is located at the Agassiz, B.C., facilities of the Pacific Agri-Food Research Centre.

The researchers can be contacted via the Centre web site at for further information on any of the projects highlighted within this extended feature.

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