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May 3, 2016
By Dave Harrison

May 3, 2016 — The American Floral Endowment (AFE) has approved more than $296,000 in floriculture/horticulture research project funding for the 2016-2017 fiscal year.

“These projects will address and help solve critical industry issues, including Botrytis and thrips, and enable the entire floral industry to become more productive and profitable,” said Dr. Terril Nell, research coordinator for AFE. (Photos courtesy American Floral Endowment)

The funding will support six continuing projects and four new projects. The goal of all AFE research is to provide knowledge that helps the industry grow stronger.



• Managing Pythium Species in Floriculture Irrigation Water: Dr. Mary Hausbeck, Michigan State University, $40,000.

• Engineering Impatiens for Resistance to the Devastating Disease Downy Mildew: Dr. Zhanao Deng, University of Florida, $31,500.

• Finding Solutions to Pre-Harvest Botrytis Infection of Cut Roses: Dr. James Faust, Clemson University, $45,182.


• Beneficial Fungal Endophytes for Effective Insect Management in Floriculture Crops: Dr. Kevin Heinz, Texas A&M University, $16,000.

• A Novel Approach to Fungal-based Thrips Management with Marigold Guardian Plants: Dr. Margaret Skinner, University of Vermont, $22,780.


• Making Better Plant Products by Understanding Dynamic Facets of Metabolism: Dr. Thomas A. Colquhoun, University of Florida, $33,000.

• Understanding How Temperature Influences Crop Production Time to Facilitate Selection and Breeding of Cool-Tolerant Bedding Plants: Dr. Ryan Warner, Michigan State University, $28,791.


• Postharvest Management of Botrytis During Shipping and Storage: Dr. John Dole, North Carolina State University, $33,000.


• Making LED Lighting More Cost-Effective: Dr. Marc van Iersel, University of Georgia, $20,000.

• Use of Beneficial Microbes to Enhance Plant Growth, Decrease Disease Severity and Reduce Stress Tolerance in Ornamentals: Dr. Michelle Jones, The Ohio State University, $26,451.

AFE offers additional online research reports on a variety of topics that focus on important industry issues. More than 150 free research reports are available at

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