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‘Half Your Plate’ promo for fruits and veggies

January 12, 2015  By Dave Harrison

Jan. 12, 2015, Ottawa  – The Canadian Produce Marketing Association and its partners have served up Half Your Plate, a new healthy eating initiative.

Half Your Plate encourages Canadians of all ages to eat more fruits and veggies to improve their health while providing simple and practical ways to add a variety of produce to every meal and snack.

After a successful launch on social media this summer, Half Your Plate is now making its way onto produce packaging and into retail stores across Canada.


“We are hosting four events across Canada this week including a Twitter Party to introduce Canadians more broadly to Half Your Plate. It’s a great opportunity to get out there and really show people how easy it is to fill half their plate with fruits and veggies at every meal and snack,” said Sam Silvestro, Chair, CPMA Marketing and Promotions committee.

“Now is the perfect time to introduce consumers to Half Your Plate – It’s a new year and a great time to start eating healthier, especially when it’s this easy!”

“Rather than having people count servings or worry about serving size, our messaging is that at every meal, make half your plate fruit and vegetables. By the end of the day, you’ll have your recommended number of servings,” said CPMA president Ron Lemaire.

“That also translates when you’re at the grocery store. Half your cart should be fruit and veggies, and having retailers promote the campaign re-emphasizes the importance of making healthier choices at the store.”

Although Canadians are becoming more conscious of what they eat, studies show that the average person only consumes 3.5 to 4.5 servings of fruits and vegetables every day. Yet Canada’s Food Guide recommends that adults get seven to 10 servings per day, depending on gender.

The Half Your Plate campaign was developed in collaboration with health partners the Canadian Cancer Society, the Canadian Public Health Association, and the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

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