Georges Routhier

Georges Routhier

CEO, PipeDreemz Inc.
Georges E. Routhier is the principal consultant and CEO at PipeDreemz Inc. Considered the premier consultant in licensing regulations, Routhier’s company, PipeDreemz Inc., has helped applicants navigate the complexities of the licensing process for six years. Routhier had a lengthy and distinguished career within the high technology sector and now brings his wealth of knowledge to the cannabis industry. His career spans senior leadership positions in sales, security, customer care, marketing, product development, professional services, and corporate development. Routhier sits on a number of cannabis company boards and is technical advisor to numerous cannabis organizations, providing industry knowledge, from regulatory affairs, security, growing, facility design, quality control, product management, marketing and sales.

Routhier has an intimate personal knowledge base of the efficacy of medical marijuana. He chose to use this to create production standards and a reputation throughout the sector as a ‘go-to’ source of valued council that is second to none in the industry. His discovery of the benefits of medical marijuana was precipitated by an illness in his family in 2001. His resulting passion for growing world-class medical cannabis and making extracts has empowered him to help many patients from the previous Marijuana Medical Access Regulations (MMAR) program and gives him great insight into the patient and growing side. His experience as a licensed patient and licensed designated grower under the MMAR has shaped and driven his ambition to grow the best medical cannabis in the world and share his knowledge.

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