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Grower Day event expands to two days

April 30, 2019  By Greta Chiu

Greenhouse Canada magazine’s annual Grower Day has expanded into a two-day event. Running from June 18 to 19 in St. Catharines, Ont., the event is joined by sister publications Grow Opportunity, Canadian Security and Canadian Packaging.

For leading-edge topics on greenhouse ornamental and vegetable production, growers should sign up for Day 1 on June 18, featuring talks on:

matthew krauseBiofungicides: Managing plant diseases with microbes
Use of specific beneficial microbes for managing plant diseases has grown steadily over the past 20 years. The keys to success with microbial biofungicides are knowing what they are and are not, what they do, and best-use practices.
Speaker: Dr. Matthew Krause, BioWorks


sarah jandricic circleManaging pests in the digital age
Don’t wait to act. Mobile apps can now help identify greenhouse pests and diseases and even provide best management tips.
Speaker: Dr. Sarah Jandricic, OMAFRA

albert grimmClean water: Filter by design
Clean water is one of the most important elements of a successful operation. Hear about case studies of different biofiltration technologies and wetland designs.
Speakers: Albert Grimm, Jeffery’s Greenhouses; Lloyd Rozema, Aqua Treatment Technologies

Grounds for a DIY mixbrandon koole
From machinery costs to ingredients, this grower shares the highs and lows of using their newly installed mix line for creating their own growing substrate.
Speaker: Brandon Koole, Creekside Greenhouses

scott holmes

Here comes the data crunch
From big data to artificial intelligence, software solutions are rising to the forefront of greenhouse automation. How could they help streamline your operations while lightening your labour needs and improving your business process?
Speaker: Scott Holmes, Extreme Technology

The payback on mechanization: A tale of two growers
With the continued shortage in labour, automated solutions are at the top of many wish lists. But is the payback worth the initial pain? Two growers tell all.
Speakers: Rodd Gibson, Jefferys Greenhouses; Aron Hoff, Meyers Fruit Farms and Greenhouses

Lighting & plant science: A deep dive into using smart LED lightingmelanie yelton
New lighting strategies with smart LED fixtures are redefining horticultural lighting. Recent findings demonstrate several growth-promoting advantages: longer photoperiods with relatively low-intensity irradiation can increase leafy green production; specific wavelengths of light at strategic times during the day can benefit both leafy green and vine crop growth and may control THC levels in cannabis; and varying light intensity during the day impacts leafy green development. Additionally, smart LED fixtures with light sensors can work with a DLI predictive algorithm to reduce variability in lighting between days, and use fixture dimmability to reduce electrical usage.
Speaker: Dr. Melanie Yelton, LumiGrow

vicki hilbornHow to co-exist with your cannabis-growing neighbour
With lighting and odour issues coming from cannabis greenhouses, how can a flower or vegetable operation peacefully co-exist with their cannabis growing neighbours?
Speaker: Vicki Hilborn, OMAFRA

Winners of the Top 4 Under 40 and new Grower of the Year awards will also be presented on Day 1. Nominations close May 10.

For growers interested in cannabis, attendees can sign up for Day 2 on June 19. Programme topics include innovation, safety, organic production, outdoor growth, hemp, hiring and more.

Grower Day will be running June 18 to 19 at the Holiday Inn in St. Catharines, Ont. Early bird pricing for attendees ends May 10. More information on registration and speaker programs can be found here.


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