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Got petunias? Take time to check for TMV

February 27, 2014  By Dr. Nora Catlin floriculture specialist Cornell Cooperative Extension

Feb. 27, 2014, Canada — Watch for symptoms of Tobacco mosaic virus (TMV) in your petunias!
Symptoms of TMV include leaf mottle, leaf distortion, vein clearing,
stunt and flower break.

Recently, samples of petunias showing symptoms of leaf mottle and
distortion have tested positive for Tobacco mosaic virus (TMV).

So far we’ve seen TMV only on petunia this season, but know that this
virus commonly troubles petunia, calibrachoa, tomato, and pepper.


There are various strains of TMV, and different strains have different
host ranges – researchers are currently not certain which  particular
strain is being seen this season.

Other crops susceptible

Since the disease has been found on petunia, carefully keep an  eye on your petunias as well as calibrachoas.

Some TMV strains are known to infect other greenhouse crops such as
marigold, impatiens, geranium, nicotiana, osteospermum, lobelia,
torenia, chrysanthemum and verbena.

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