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GGS hosts military training exercises

April 2, 2015  By Dave Harrison

April 2, 2015, Vineland Station, Ont. – A unit of the Canadian Army Reserves made great use of buildings at GGS Structures last weekend.

The Argyll and Sutherlands Highlanders of Canada, led by Major Wes Tupholme, conducted tactical training in one of the company’s fabric-covered Tasco dome structures. They used rubber bullets to simulate real-life combat scenarios.

The training is called urban operations or FIBA (Fighting In Built-up Areas).


“They call it that because the places where they now expect to fight are built-up cities and tightly packed buildings,” said a unit spokesperson. “The soldiers need to be prepared for those situations.”

Before the combat training sessions, the soldiers spent two days constructing a labrynth, consisting of wooden walls, inside the structure. Many of the walls had shutters that could be flung open and shot through to provide realistic cover. The soldiers practised such things as storming the building and completing objectives once inside.

“Our fabric-covered buildings turned out to be perfect for these types of training exercises,” said Chrissy Guthoerl, manager of Tasco Dome. “The natural light provides the visibility of an outdoor environment, while the building shields the participants from wind and rain.”

Tasco Dome structures are sold worldwide and are currently being used by the Canadian and U.S. military in North America and Europe. They’re ideal for use as storage facilities, aircraft hangers and waste management, along with agricultural and equestrian applications.

“We’re pleased we can now say they’re used for combat training,” said Guthoerl.

GGS offered the use of their facilities as a show of support for all the military’s ongoing efforts and commitment to Canada. The company also supports military veterans organizations through special discounts, charity drives and other donations throughout the year.

GGS has been in business since 1979 and is a global manufacturer of greenhouses, garden centres and Tasco Dome buildings.

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