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GGS Structures manager to speak at cannabis conference

October 23, 2015  By Amy Carter GGS

Oct. 23, 2015 — GGS sales manager Michael Camplin will be a speaker at the Monarch America first educational seminar held with the Santee Sioux Tribe of Flandreau, South Dakota (Oct. 26-28).

Camplin will outline advanced cultivation facility designs in greenhouses and indoor grow facilities. “It is a privilege for me to be added as a speaker to such an important event.”

GGS Structures Inc. is a diversified manufacturer and part of the Growers Greenhouse Supplies group of companies. GGS was started in 1979 as a manufacturer of greenhouse structures for commercial agriculture. Since then they have expanded both geographically and through product lines and market segments.


GGS is a leading supplier of commercial scale legal marijuana production facilities worldwide.

Building both greenhouse cultivation facilities and warehouse marijuana cultivation facilities, GGS works with growers to design the most efficient environment for their production.

GGS designs, manufactures and acts as a specialty contractor for the structures, growing benches, irrigation systems, fertilizer injectors, environmental computer controls, LED lights and HPS lights, ventilation systems, light deprivation and heating.

The cannabis industry is a growing global market with legally licensed operations in Australia, Italy, Israel, Uruguay, Chile, the U.K., as well as many American states and Canada.

“Our team expertise combines commercial scale agriculture with in depth knowledge of cannabis cultivation,” Camplin comments. “We have invested heavily in people to ensure our customers receive the most current knowledge and advanced technology for providing consistent quality and increasing yields.”

Monarch America has worked with GGS, who provided hydroponic grow benches for the initial installation for the Santee Sioux.

According to Monarch America, the goal of this seminar is to educate other Native American tribes who have interest in the cannabis industry, and to demonstrate that Monarch America Inc. can develop, implement, construct and over-see their project.

Outside of marijuana, GGS is also one of the largest greenhouse manufacturers in North America with sales around the world. Customers include some of the largest produce, floriculture, and nursery growers.

Company products are modular in nature allowing for flexible layouts, and an extensive design team enables growers to customize their greenhouse or warehouse facility to ensure the optimum environment for their crops while pulling from standard components.

“This is an incredible time for growers and an incredible opportunity for Native Americans,” said Gerry Harrison, vice-president of GGS. “We are very proud to be at the forefront of the birth of a new global industry.”

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